A Network for All to Grow Accomplished Teaching

We know the power of National Board certification for advancing the continuum of teacher leadership, and we know the impact it has on student learning. As we seek to grow certification in Hillsborough County Schools, we know that everyone has to be all in on this effort for every student to have an accomplished teacher.

That’s why a diligent group of NBCTs has been working hard for the last seven months to formalize a National Board Network in Hillsborough County–so that we can be all together greater in growing accomplishing teaching.

We are grateful to have been proceeded by the work of the HNBCT Council, that brought fellowship to NBCTs at dinner, and organized a scholarship for its members. From the council we started thinking that something more could grow in alliance with district and community partners, non-NBCTs, candidates, and pre-service teachers, all coming together to create the best teachers in Florida and beyond.

The Hillsborough NBCT Network Transition Team moved to adopt their By Laws on February 5, 2018, and passed unanimously. You can read the By Laws here. In the new by laws, we actively seek the participation of all NBCTs and non-NBCTs interested in enhancing the teaching profession through the highest levels of teacher certification.

We are currently recruiting members for the newly formed HNBCT Network. You can join by completing the membership form here. We are looking for you, your talents and your interests to help push the work forward of sharing the transformation that happens to a teacher during the certification process, and the power that is created for an NBCT teacher leader. You can click here to read more about the timeline as we establish our elected leadership team.

A special thanks to all of our members of the HNBCT Network Transition Team: Jan Brangaccio, Barbara Chisholm, Michele Coad, Sabrina Gates-McCarthy, Cynthia Harnest, Julie Hiltz, Laura Johnson, David Peacock, Kadie Scofield, Carlee Soto, Madonna Taylor, Sandra Varn, and Lynda Taylor.

Join us today, as we are

All. Together. Greater.

All. Together. Stronger.

Heather Hanks, NBCT is currently serving as President of the Hillsborough National Board Certified Teacher Network. She is an IT teacher and Teacher Talent Developer at Bloomingdale High School, developing student leadership with the Bloomingdale Genius Bar program.

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