Edsby Tools You Can Use

I’ll admit that I was not happy when we switched to Edsby a few years ago. And frankly, the initial rollout was not good – too many glitches and downed servers, for example. It has gotten a lot better as the company responded to complaints and suggestions from users. It still lacks a robust reporting function for most users who are not accustomed to using Microsoft Excel but I will write more on using Excel to create reports in another blog.

So I just want to tell you about four features or tools you can use to lighten your workload and keep students and parents better informed. I admit here that it will take more time to really take advantage of these features in the first place, but in the long run, they will save you time and work.

Click here to read more about Assessments, the Details Mode, Observations, and the Calendar.

Cathy Paunov is a National Board Certified Teacher in History/Social Studies at Gaither High School. She is an admitted computer geek who enjoys finding the hidden treasures buried in application software. Email her with your Edsby questions at catherine.paunov@sdhc.k12.fl.us. Follow her on Twitter at cppgeo — especially if you like geography.

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