Mentoring Bonus

Hillborough NBCTs who teach, advise or mentor student more than 51% of the time are eligible for a $1,000 mentoring bonus for mentoring other teachers.

The purpose of mentoring is to provide assistance to teachers or NB candidates to better understand the tasks before them, or to improve their practice in the classroom, and to improve communication with parents. The goal is to increase the knowledge and skills of teachers in the classroom to enhance students’ achievement.

The district allows you to mentor during non-student time at your school site. You may not leave your school and go to another site to mentor until after school hours. If you have conference or duty free period at the end of the school day, you must remain on your campus for any mentoring during that time frame.

Mentor.  A National Board Certified Teacher who acts as a role model and offers support to another teacher is considered a mentor.  A mentor has knowledge and experience in an area and shares it with the person being mentored.

Mentee.  A recipient of the mentoring service; a mentee may be any public school teacher within the School District of Hillsborough County who does not hold NBPTS certification.  This includes new teachers, teachers experiencing difficulty or NBC candidate teachers

Mentoring Cycle.  The mentoring cycle runs concurrent with the fiscal year.

Mentoring Services

What Mentoring Is

  • Instructional support either in a content area or in pedagogical best practices
  • Coaching
  • Conferencing
  • Observing
  • Providing feedback
  • Helping teachers to identify and address areas of concern
  • Helping teachers to review and implement best practices
  • Engaging teachers in reflective dialogue
  • Assisting teachers with lesson or unit planning
  • Assisting teachers in the development of classroom management strategies
  • Reviewing and guiding National Board candidates in portfolio development
  • Presenting at a training or conference session (participants may not all be NBCTs).  Planning for the presentation may not be counted.
What Mentoring Is Not
  • Committee work such as
    • School Advisory Councils
    • Professional Development Committees
    • Textbook Adoption Committees
    • School Board or other district committee meetings
    • State or local associations
  • Attendance and/or participation at in-service workshops or professional development conferences
  • Planning time for faculty meetings, trainings, etc.
  • Editing a master’s thesis
  • If the tasks are part of your job as team leader, specialist or department head, those hours are not acceptable for mentoring purposes. Your mentoring must occur outside of your required duties and hours.
Note:  If the mentor provides the training for a workshop or in-service, he/she can decide to accept either payment for the training or credit in mentoring hours, but not both.
Mentoring Logs.  Mentors will document dates, hours and specific activities completed on a log sheet.  Descriptions of activities must be detailed and specific.  Descriptions using vague language are not acceptable.  Logs must be filled out with accurate dates and times of the specified activities.  Each activity must be recorded and signed by the mentee once the activity is completed.  No mentor should have blank logs signed in advance of a session.  Completed logs will be submitted to the Professional Development office for verification. The Professional Development office reserves the right to reject incomplete or inaccurately submitted logs.  
Mentoring Suggestions
1.      Contact your principal or content area supervisor and let them know you will be acting as a NBCT mentor.  Ask them to identify new teachers or teachers who might be in need of additional support.
2.      Make contact with your mentees to work out logistical issues, i.e. location, timing, assistance needed, etc.
3       Begin documenting hours.  When documenting hours, use specific descriptive language.  Be sure to document accurate dates and times of each activity.
4.      Signatures of mentees must be legible.  PRINT the mentee’s name in the space provided.
5.      Upon completion of your hours of mentoring service, copy your logs and submit the original signed version to the Professional Development Department.  Faxed logs are not acceptable.
6.      Original logs must:
  • Be completely filled out and have the signatures verifying the services provided.
  • Have your signature verifying the hours and services provided.  Your signature must be legible and not scribbled.
  • Have your principal’s signature on the bottom of each page.
Contact:  If you have questions or concerns regarding the mentoring process, please call the National Board Program Coordinator in the Professional Development office at 813-840-7021.