Superintendent’s Advisory Board

The Superintendent’s Advisory Board is a group of National Board Certified Teachers who meet with the superintendent three times per year. Goals of the board include:

• Raise awareness of issues that impact teaching and learning across the District and how NBCTs can be used to address challenges and concern.
• Serve as a think tank to brainstorm ways NBCT expertise and experience can be utilized to support District initiatives.

The 2016-2017 board includes National Board Certfied Teachers from a variety of levels and certifications:

  • Aimee Ballans
  • Tammy Crosby
  • Janice Estes
  • Julie Hiltz
  • Elizabeth Pletcher
  • Cindy Harnest
  • Cathy Paunov
  • Georgianna Castellano
  • Madonna Taylor
  • Melanie Bolender
  • Mary Lou Andrews
  • Butch Perkins
  • Carlee Soto
  • Sabrina Gates
  • Faye Cook
  • Heather Hanks