Welcome to the HNBCT Blog!

Have you ever found it difficult to find the resources and advice you, as a teacher, need to teach effectively?  Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the information are available to you? Your answer could be in the classroom next door!

But how do you find this magical classroom? It is now possible with a click of your mouse. Hillsborough County’s National Board Certified Teachers have started a blog to share the real time best practices that can increase student achievement and teacher satisfaction.

From figuring out the complexities of Edsby to organizing your classroom schedule, teachers will share insights to help you reflect on your practice and provide suggestions for improving your instructional day and life.

We need your help! This is not just another one-way communication tool. We want to this blog to be personalized for your needs and relevant to as many of our colleagues as possible. We encourage every guest to use this space as a learning lab, collaborating and exploring alternative options with your colleagues. Make suggestions for future blogs, or share your story.

It is through our collective work that we will continue to ensure that we are doing our best to “Prepare Students for Life!”

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