Why certify?

Are you a third year teacher coming out of mentoring looking for the next step in your career? Are you a veteran teacher, who’s ready to reenergize your career? Are you looking for the piece of professional development that will truly transform you into a reflective practitioner?
National Board Certification will push your professional practice to the highest standard, and possibly earn you the most pretigous national credential for teachers. National Board is recognized throughout the country, and can be used to recertify your Florida teaching certificate.
You will become a better teacher through the process. Data collected in Hillsborough County shows that NBCTs outperform non-NBCTs in student achievement. This means that you’ll be more likely to earn the performance bonus for being a highly effective teacher, in addition to the mentoring and Reinassince bonuses available to NBCTs.
The National Board and Hillsborough County Public Schools released a report that included:
  • Based solely on student test results, NBCTs scored half a standard deviation higher than non-NBCTs – a statistically significant finding.
  • NBCTs rank nearly one full standard deviation (0.9) higher than non-NBCTs when evaluators combine scores from written evaluations and value-added measures. The written evaluations include scores from two classroom observations conducted by an administrator and a peer reviewer.
  • 58 percent of NBCTs received the Merit Award Program (MAP) bonus, indicating they were among the top 25 percent of teachers in their subject area.
  • A St. Petersburg Times-Bay News 9 poll found that 84 percent of parents in Tampa Bay consider National Board Certification a “very important” or “somewhat important” indicator in evaluating their child’s teacher.
  • These findings support earlier research that found students of NBCTs exhibit stronger writing abilities, understanding of concepts and abstract thinking than students of non-NBCTs, and make learning gains equivalent to an extra month in school.
The National Board portfolio mirrors the Danielson standards used in Hillsborough County. Why not build the portfolio of what you’re already doing in your classroom, and earn the certification?
If you have more questions, and want to learn more from someone in HCPS, contact district coordinator Aimee Ballans.